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Welcome to the website of Arbeidsmarkttrends Library!
We're glad you've made it here.
If you'd like to come to our building, please check our hours; you're welcome any time.

Mission Statement & Objectives

The library strives to be the central access-to-information center for the college and the community. Therefore, the library staff are committed to:

  • Support the mission of the college.
  • Ensure that LPTC students, faculty, staff, and qualified public library patrons have access to library holdings;
  • Be an active partner in the education process at all levels of lifelong learning;
  • Collect items of local history;
  • Encourage free and confidential access to ideas;
  • Promote the joy of reading, story-telling, and reading aloud to children and teens through flexible, age-appropriate programming;
  • Provide informational support for various tribal and community entities and programs;
  • Build partnerships to identify and acquire access to library resources in area and regional libraries;
  • Provide a collection of print and non-print materials in order to meet the lifelong learning,
    recreational, and informational reading needs of the students of the college and of the community, from pre-school through senior adults;
  • Enable patrons to have access to information through electronic connection with the world at large (see computer use policy);
  • Provide materials with cultural relevancy to the Native and non-Native cultures represented in the community. The northeast woodland culture group, especially the Ho-Chunk Nation, will be the area of highest priority;
  • Develop and promote an outstanding and comprehensive collection of Native American materials recognized by researchers in the three-state region;
  • Offer services and materials that support local history and oral tradition.

Library Services

  • Photo Copy Service
  • Faxing Service
  • Media Service
  • Interlibrary loan
  • Reference services
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